Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Am Proud Of My Country Because It Feels Like Hope is Finally Making a Comeback

“People in this country are ready for change and hungry for a different kind of politics and … for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback.” Michelle Obama

I join Mrs. Obama in being proud of my country as it elected its first African American president. People in this country indeed let it be known loudly and proudly that they were ready for change and hungry for a different kind of politics. This presidential race was unprecedented in the excitement experienced by both young and not so young. President elect Obama was elevated to rock star status not of his choosing, however, he had the wherewithal to go with the flow and utilize it to his advantage. President Obama knows his marketing. He knows the first maxim of “Know your audience.”

President Obama used technology to his advantage and I would highly recommend that he continue to use technological vehicles such as email to stay in touch with the American people. The use of technology and communication played a vast role in his ability to become the 44th President of the United States. By all means he should use this vehicle or something similar to keep his finger on the pulse of what the American people are thinking. I found this to be a wonderful way to voice my support and concerns. Even if it was not read by anyone, at least it gave me an opportunity to express myself concerning the campaign. People need to feel as if they have a voice and whether they did or did not; at least they had the appearance or the feeling of being able to be heard. I don't know what it costs to keep an online tool such as the one President Obama used during his campaign up and running, but I highly recommend that people have an opportunity to be in touch with their government beyond the usual sites.

I have great expectations out of the Obama team. I intuitively believe that President Obama is going to do for the White House what Tiger Woods has done for golf, Reginald F. Lewis did for Business, Michael Jordan did for basketball and what Serena and Venus Williams has done for tennis. In all of these instances, when the barrier was broken, each of these individuals became champions extraordinaire in their own rights. I expect President Obama to do the same.

As I walked around town with my "Obama" cap on my head, it seemed African Americans in particular held their heads up higher, smiled a little brighter and had a little more pep in their step. Perhaps because the reality is setting in that from this point on when we tell our children they can be anything they want to be, we can tell them that and mean it. No more excuses. If President Obama can do, then I can do it too. Hey who knows, this critical thinker may be president of the United States one day.

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Denrique said...

I totally share your sentiment on the issue of realizing that technology is a powerful tool. Technology is the cutting edge to a booming economy and as soon as America realizes that we need to capitalize on its capitol grain, we will perhaps stop outsourcing to China and Canada and actively work toward manufacturing and repairing our own commodities in America.

I too have noticed an uplifted spirit in African-Americans as they walk the streets. It’s amazing! I just have never seen this before. And, I just hope that this new found attitude translates into peace and unity for everyone.

By the way, about that quote from Michelle Obama. I found it to be quite interesting when the media lambasted her for that quote—obviously because they misconstrued the intent of her statement—Laura Bush was the only Republican to defend what Michelle really meant. Politics, you gotta love it!