Sunday, March 15, 2009

What's Up With All of These Skulls?

Does anyone else see a connection between our societal condition and the depictions we wear on our clothing? As a principal in an urban school, just about every other child is coming to school dressed in apparel sporting some type of skull. It will be on their shirts, hats and sometimes even their pants/slacks. As I ride through the downtown areas of urban cities such as Paterson, Passaic, and Newark, NJ, I notice that many of the clothing stores have nothing but clothing with skulls on them displayed in the window. If you were to go to the corners of Van Houten and Main streets in Paterson, NJ all you would see are skulls. This begs me to question, have our young and old given up on LIFE? To my knowledge, a skull has always represented death and destruction. It was at one time even affixed upon poisons to let you know of the lethal nature of the liquid or powder contained within. Can someone please help this critical thinker with the fascination with skulls. Have we become that satanic? What is the message we are trying to send when we wear this sort of clothing. T-shirts and caps are a form of advertising, so the question becomes are we that big of an advocate for death vs. life. Think about it.



Denrique said...

Perhaps a fascination for recreating Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold's (of Columbine High School) Trench Coat Mafia group. And, I'm afraid if society doesn't start paying attention to this reoccurring enigma, we're going to wind-up with another case of the media's infamous question, "What Went Wrong?"


Marc A. Medley said...

You bring up a cogent point in terms of society paying attention. That is the key, we don't seem to pay attention to anything until something happens and then we ask "What Went Wrong?" Shame on us for waiting until something gets to that point.