Saturday, May 4, 2013

I Have Yet To Figure Out This Sexiest Woman/Man In The WORLD Thing

Mila Kunis
I have yet to understand this "Sexiest Woman/Man Alive" thing in magazines and tabloids.  Sexiest Alive according to who????? I did a tiny bit of research and found that there are approximately 3,301,112,087 on the planet and someone is able to boil that number down to one? I am always amazed when I am in the check-out line at most stores and see the various magazine and tabloid headlines (When Jennifer Aniston is not on the cover and sometimes even when she is) and it reads the whatever category "alive." Usually somewhere in the year the "sexiest,"  "most beautiful,"  "most handsome," etc. etc. appears on the covers of various meaningless reading material displayed in the racks. I guess it's that time because I seem to be seeing it more and more of late. Now don't get me wrong, as a strong proponent of reading, I'll even take folks reading that dribble if it means they are reading, however, just critically think about that for a minute. A panel working for or with one of these magazine/tabloid companies are able to select the "sexiest,"  "most beautiful,"  "most handsome," etc. etc. out of 3,301,112,087 (with the number being a little bit higher for men) and call him/her the "sexiest,"  "most beautiful,"  "most handsome," etc. etc. in THE WORLD???  THE WORLD!!! I ask you............ Yes, this blog is designed to encourage you to think about stupid stuff like this that you might just gloss over or take for granted otherwise. The Critical Thinker is designed to bring things like this to your attention in order for you to stop and pause and see just how silly some things are. It is designed to take us off of autopilot and think. Something to critically think about. I welcome your thoughts and you are invited to follow me on Twitter @thinkcritical01. 

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