Monday, November 4, 2013

Whoa Look At How They (We) Live

The Citgo run by the Hussain brothers and where they were murdered

Violent crimes such as this week's beheading (João Rodrigo Silva Santos, a former Brazilian professional soccer player, was kidnapped and brutally decapitated this week in Brazil) garner significant international media attention, but violence can take on a different nature in other parts of the world, says Bruno Monteiro, 26, who is also a local soccer fan.
"People outside Brazil see news like this and think, 'Whoa look at how they live in Brazil, it's so violent, what a bizarre place to live.' But I have the same thought when I see news about people shooting children in elementary schools."
Above is an excerpt from a story I was reading in the November 2, 2013 edition of USATODAY about a second decapitation that had recently taken place in Brazil. What struck me was Mr. Monteiro's last line concerning how people may view Brazil after reading of such atrocities. I agree with Mr. Monteiro in terms of violence being violence regardless of where it occurs or its different nature. 

I write this post because on Halloween, Abdul Waqas Hussain and his brother Abdul Nasir Hussain were gunned down in an attempted robbery of their gas station. I had come to know both of the Hussain brothers as I would stop there once or twice a week to buy my gas. We would talk while I waited for gas, in fact one of the brothers was deaf and would write down on his pad the amount and grade of gas I wanted while the other would run my debit card. Needless to say I was saddened and angered by their senseless deaths. Two brothers trying to make an honest living killed by three thugs who had obviously made bad decisions earlier in their lives prohibiting them from being able to earn money legally; three who were reduced to stealing from someone else rather than honestly earning their own. 

As we look around the world, it seems Brazil is not the only bizarre place to live. Violence is violence regardless of where it occurs. No one ever ought to judge any particular place or utter the words "We didn't think that could happen here," as nowhere is immune or exempt. My prayers are with the Hussain family on the loss of the brothers. This post is dedicated in memory of Abdul Waqas Hussain and Abdul Nasir Hussain. They will both be missed in the community.  Something to critically think about. I welcome your commentary in the comment section of the blog and you are welcome to follow the critical thinker on Twitter @thinkcritical01. 


Marc A. Medley said...

A funeral will be held Friday for the two brothers at Masjid Jalalabad on Van Houten Avenue in Paterson, a mosque that is run by the Islamic Foundation of New Jersey. A secretary for the mosque, Saleh Ghani, said their bodies will be flown to Pakistan, the home of their family, on Saturday. Their father, who owned the gas station for more than a decade, died a little more than two years ago, he said.

“They were very nice people,” Ghani said of the brothers. “We are totally shocked. They were hardworking people and didn’t deserve this.”


Marc A. Medley said...

It was less than two hours from the time this post was released that we were learning of the shooter at the Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus, NJ.