Monday, May 19, 2014

My Goal is to Live to be 100 and Healthy

This blog post is lighter than my recent posts; however, no less important of an issue. If you have ever tuned in on Saturday mornings to The Reading Circle with Marc Medley on WP88.7 FM or, you have probably heard me say "My goal is to live to be 100 and healthy." Not 100 and scuffling, or 100 and drooling or 100 and need someone to move me about; but 100 and vibrantly healthy. You also will always hear me couch that with "That may be my plans, but it may not be God's, as I am sure He gets a good laugh from my plans."

At the writing of this blog, I am nearly forty eight years away from reaching my goal and I am in generally good health. Recently my wonderful team of doctors (general, opticians, and dentists) have encouraged me to be even more health conscious if I am to reach my goal. I've revamped my diet to exclude sugar and starches as much as possible from it and have increased my intake of fruits and vegetables. I was teasing my wife on one of our recent grocery shopping trips, that I have traded in my cookies for kale (smile).

As the host of The Reading Circle, I am introduced to authors of all genres and on my healthy quest, I was introduced to author, Dr. William Cortvriendt and his book Living a Century or More: A Scientifically Fact-Based Journey to Longevity. Dr. Cortvriendt (which means "Little Friend" by the way), delivered a fun and fascinating interview with me about his work.  When Dr.Cortvriendt was asked is it possible to reach the age of 100 while being healthy? His response was:
"Of Course That’s Possible! My newly released book ‘Living a Century or More’ shows people how to add many years to their lives while being and feeling much healthier, based on published research in the most renowned medical journals.We all like to live healthier, but it is often not known what is healthy and what is not. Also doctors often are not aware that very simple changes in lifestyle and diet can result in large improvements in health and life expectancy. For example, simply changing the type and amount of carbohydrates in your diet has an important relation with your risk for diabetes. Avoiding diabetes at age 50 increases our life expectancy with eight years while enjoying a much better health" (Full interview on link below)

Did I mention that Dr. Cortvriendt was calling into the show from Spain? It was 6:00 a.m. EDT here and noon there as they are six hours ahead of us. The point of Dr. Cortvriendt's work is, we can indeed live healthier if we CHOOSE to do so. It is a choice; a choice that is not helped by the media or the pricing structure of junk foods vs. healthy foods. I shared an experience I had one day when I went to the vending machine with a one dollar bill in hand. I usually would go to the vending machine to purchase a cola with the dollar. Silly me, I took the same dollar when I went to purchase a bottle of water from that same machine. I inserted my dollar and pressed my selection only to have the machine blink at me. I inserted the dollar again, pressed my selection and again, the machine blinked at me. The teachers who were in the teacher's room at the time said, "Mr. Medley, water is a dollar and twenty five cents and not a dollar." Being now more health conscious, it struck me as interesting that the soda was a dollar and the water (out of the same machine mind you) was more expensive. I found the same to be true with many of the healthier food items I have begun to purchase as I take on this healthier eating and drinking quest. What message is that sending? That's for another blog post.

I share this post for all who are like me and Dr. Cortvriendt who have this goal of living to be a century or more and healthy. My pastor, Reverend K.D.R. Clayton, also shares this goal, so I will be sure to share this book with him and others who look to be a centenarian one day (smile).  I invite you to visit the following link to hear the entire interview with Dr. Cortvriendt on The Reading Circle with Marc Medley below:

You are also invited to tune in on Saturday mornings at 6 a.m. EDT on  and to follow The Critical Thinker on Twitter @thinkcritical01. Onward to becoming a centenarian and to your good health.  

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