Saturday, November 2, 2019

Put Your Child First

Guest Post by Ayo Sekai

It doesn’t matter what your circumstances
Crisis or whatever you face
There is no more joy than seeing your child contribute to the race

No more Me! Me! Me!
For your life is no longer your own
Put your child first
That child depends on you and you alone

Don’t think of what you must sacrifice or give up
Or no longer try
Look at that beautiful baby
You are blessed with a child
They don’t ask much to love you
Demand that you change or do anything that you don’t want to do

Their love is unconditional
And they love you just for you

Loving a child is the hardest job you could ever do
Twenty-four-hour on duty
Three hours and sixty-five days of strives, worry, and confusion
Sleepless nights from birth to gripe
Unknown distress and teething
There are even circumstances unexpected
But the rewards are doubled from watching your investment grow
Is the beauty aide
Age secret
And joy some may never know

Put your child first
Do the best to make them smile
They are your bosses
And their happiness will make your job all worthwhile
Precious little people trying to find their way
Until the day they will thank you
And you will say
You did the best for your child

March 31, 2003

Ayo Sekai is the Chief Executive Officer at Universal Write Publications, LLC and a current Doctoral (Ph.D.) student at Howard University (Black Politics and International Affairs). Universal Write Publications (UWP) has a publishing purpose to produce social, anthological, and ethnographical scholarship that dignifies the rich histories of the culturally diverse peoples who make up our society. We want to strengthen the voices of the diaspora through pioneering works that blend the creativity through which Griots tell stories with the necessity of peer-reviewed publications. Be it pieces on cultural heritage, education, the environment, visual arts, or innovators, our books are well researched and richly illustrated, appealing to general readers as well as academic researchers. 

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