Thursday, July 29, 2010

Women/Ladies, You Have More Power Than You Realize

No men, I am not PW’d or a punk or a wuss or anything else, but I do know what motivates most men and that’s women. The men can talk all of the crap they would like, but the bottom line is most things that men do are to attract the attention of females. It ranges from everything from the car they drive to the tie that they wear. (Dog, I let the secret out….)

This edition of The Critical Thinker throws out a challenge to the ladies/women (never know which term to use or which one might be seen as offensive), and that is to stop paying any attention to the brothers/men who sag. If every woman/lady were to do this, sagging would stop. Ladies/Women, stop helping brothers/men think it is cool or sexy to show their boxers; sagging will stop. Women/Ladies, stop dealing with brothers/men who listen to hip-hop/rap that contain lyrics that call you bitches and whores; lyrics will change. If every woman would do this, sales would plummet and lyrics would be changed. Stop giving your affections and adoration to brothers/men who buy and download music that degrades you. Ladies/Women stop helping a brother believe that the “Thug” Look is the look that woos you. Tell him to fix his teeth, wear his clothes the way they were designed to be worn or they can’t deal with you and watch how quickly broken teeth get fixed, gold teeth disappear and clothes get worn correctly.

I encourage every young lady/woman who is in school that I know to ask for the males’ report card before she even thinks about giving the digits (Now this does not mean the female must not come correct as well). If every female would do this, watch how quickly the young men would start EARNING A’s. My point is this; since (for the most part) male behavior patterns are developed to attract females, the females have more power then they realize (I am not talking about lording this power or getting haughty or stuck up because of the power), but I am talking about using this influence to make the world a better place. If you as a female exhibit some self discipline and self control in terms of having to have a “man at any cost," our world would change. I challenge you to take this critical thinker’s test. Raise your standard(s). Share the idea with some more sisters/ladies/women. Test the theory. Spread the word about how you are now going to seek some higher standards out of the men that you deal with and watch (slowly but surely) how sagging will be a thing of the past; Thug life will diminish and the lyrics will no longer refer to you as a “bitch,” or a “ho” (whore). Take me up on my challenge and please do let me know in the comment section how you have made out. This critical thinker would love to hear your thoughts. Who knows you may be helping to save some man/brother's life. As always, I welcome your commentary.

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Anonymous said...

Marc, I would really like to see the results of this challenge. There's too much confusion within the Black dating scene. Grown men do not know what they want and women tolerate too much nonsense. There are way too many unresolved problems amongst our men and women. I'm not saying they can't be fixed but no one seems to care and it looks like things are getting out of hand.