Monday, May 30, 2011

Are You Serious?

There must be someone who can tell me why the label/sticker is kept on and under the brim of a popularly marketed baseball cap. I've polled young men repeatedly and have in most cases received the answer "I don't know." One told me that it made the cap "official." 

When I asked according to who? I was once again told, 
"I don't know."   One told me that it makes the cap always appear "new."  

Folks, are our self esteems so low that we need a marketing sticker to make us feel good?  Do we really need to be validated by a sticker that says "59 Fifty 7 1/4?"  In my mind this keeping the label on the cap is another example of how we can be sheep and the funny thing is these folks really think they are being unique when in reality they are being the same. The folks who are being unique are the ones who take the sticker off and wear the caps properly.

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Joe said...

It's the whole "New-ness" thing. Like how people seem to always want their shoes to be pearly white, and if there's so much as a little smudge on them, they flip out and try to clean it as best as they can.

I mean, ffs, they're SHOES, they're MEANT to get dirty so that your feet don't get dirty.