Saturday, November 1, 2014

Actor David Figlioli's Facial Expressions in Geico TV Ad Epitomizes THE CRITICAL THINKER

Since viewing the latest GEICO TV Spot, 'Horror Movie: It's What You Do,' the facial expressions of actor David Figlioli as the chainsaw killer are what come to my mind every time I see or hear something stupid, crazy or bizarre that someone has done. In fact, this blog THE CRITICAL THINKER was created because of silly things that we overlook and take for granted that I as the creator seek to have readers think about; to ask the question, "Does that make sense to me/you?" The following description of the ad is provided by MARKET ME NOT:
“If you’re in a horror movie you make poor decisions. It’s what you do.” A group of kids in running from a murderer in the middle of the woods when they stumble upon an old cabin. “Let’s hide in the attic. No, in the basement.” One woman starts breaking down into tears “Why can’t we just get in the running car?!” She is dismissed as crazy “Are you crazy?! Let’s hide behind the chainsaws.” They agree “Yea, smart.” They run behind the chainsaws but don’t notice the murderer standing behind them. The murderer gives them a look as if he can’t believe how stupid these kids are. They finally notice the murderer and run off “Head for the cemetery!”

Actor David Figlioli 
It's this look by the murderer portrayed by Mr. Figlioli that for me makes the ad. It is this look that epitomizes this blog, THE CRITICAL THINKER; It's that "You've got to be kidding me," or as the description above says,  the look "As if you can’t believe how stupid this is," look. With everything that occurs on a daily basis locally, nationally and globally, I find myself making that face quite frequently, just not as well as Mr. Figlioli does in the commercial. He doesn't have to say a word and you know exactly what he is thinking.

As I have written posts for THE CRITICAL THINKER since its inception, it has been Mr. Figliloli's facial expression shown in the GEICO ad that has been on my face as I write each Critical Thinker post and now that I have a visual, it will certainly be the epitome of the things I write about and challenge you to think about as you read each blog post. I take my hat off to The Martin Agency, Inc. for their creativity as in my opinion the ad is spot on. Something to critically think about.

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Darrell M. said...

It is amazing how much, as educators, we make that facial expression. I have been in education for 15 years and I have been making that expression since day one.

If I had a nickel for every "you've got to be kidding" moment that I had, I would be able to settle the national debt (not really, but close)