Thursday, September 19, 2019

Mistaken Mistake Of A Life

Guest post by Ayo Sekai

How horribly mistaken of a mistake can be
Trotting down death lane
Running to meet death as we are born to die
So many places yet to be seen yet explored

This stumbling block of confusion
This horrible mistaken accident
This breath
This unknowing
Unasked for life

This wonderful mistaken gift
Yet lived
Miscellaneous living
Unforeseen plans
This life
This life

This unloving
This living death
Undeserved mishaps
Wonderful circumstances
Hateful memories not experienced yet lived

Oh this horribly mistaken life
A life lived only to die
So many places yet to be seen but already explored

September 4, 2001

Ayo Sekai is the Chief Executive Officer at Universal Write Publications, LLC and a current Doctoral (Ph.D.) student at Howard University (Black Politics and International Affairs). Universal Write Publications (UWP) has a publishing purpose to produce social, anthological, and ethnographical scholarship that dignifies the rich histories of the culturally diverse peoples who make up our society. We want to strengthen the voices of the diaspora through pioneering works that blend the creativity through which Griots tell stories with the necessity of peer-reviewed publications. Be it pieces on cultural heritage, education, the environment, visual arts, or innovators, our books are well researched and richly illustrated, appealing to general readers as well as academic researchers. 

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