Tuesday, September 10, 2019

People Change

Guest Post by Ayo Sekai

People Change
Seasons Change
Moods Change
Romances Change

But when love changes it breaks our hearts
And when times change we drift apart
When winter comes and rainfall
We feel helpless not knowing who to call
We get uprooted from our safety vines
And with nowhere to crawl we get sour wither and die

Things change yes
Seasons change-we know
They’ve always been that way
And we just didn’t know

Sadness comes in abundance
Success falls like rain
We just have to remember
The season for the pain

And when it’s all over
When it’s all said and done
We will sit as the dawn appears and bask once more in the sun

Because regardless of snowy weather
Freezing rain or cold
We will all remember that
The sun will and must come up
And we will all one day grow old
So let’s hold on through the changes
And maintain our soul.

January 30, 2001

Ayo Sekai is the Chief Executive Officer at Universal Write Publications, LLC and a current Doctoral (Ph.D.) student at Howard University (Black Politics and International Affairs). Universal Write Publications (UWP) has a publishing purpose to produce social, anthological, and ethnographical scholarship that dignifies the rich histories of the culturally diverse peoples who make up our society. We want to strengthen the voices of the diaspora through pioneering works that blend the creativity through which Griots tell stories with the necessity of peer-reviewed publications. Be it pieces on cultural heritage, education, the environment, visual arts, or innovators, our books are well researched and richly illustrated, appealing to general readers as well as academic researchers. 

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