Thursday, May 6, 2010

Are We Ever Going To Connect Decisions With Consequences?

When are we going to connect decisions with consequences? Yes, the young man deserved to be tazed. He had no business on that field and he knew it.

I ask the question again. Are we ever going to connect decisions with consequences?  It is evident that "LT"  has taken too many shots to the head. Yes, if found guilty he deserves every bit of jail time that comes along with the crime.  Hall of Fame Star/ 16 year old run away.   Top golfer in the world/pancake house waitress. Married to Sandra Bullock/ tattooed pole dancer.   C'mon guys!!!

Not to sound redundant, but, are we ever going to connect decisions with consequences?  Maybe some of you who are readers of The Critical Thinker can help me out. I truly welcome your thoughts.

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