Monday, May 31, 2010

Could You Give A Cogent and Intelligent Response On This Memorial Day?

This Memorial Day I take my hat off to the soldiers who are making the ultimate sacrifice whether it be with their lives, their time, or their talents.  Let's critically think about this.......if anyone asked you right now why are we in Iraq, Afghanistan and in other places, could you give him/her a cogent and intelligent response?  Similar to Vietnam, could you give a cogent and intelligent answer?  My guess is, a resounding no. Beyond the sound bites of what the media feeds us, (and we don't question anything, hence my blog the "Critical" thinker) could we really give an intelligent reason for these men and women being placed in harms way? Again, I think not. So this Memorial Day, having been one who served during the Gulf War (there were 10 units like mine around the country and 6 of them were already gone. I was in one of the remaining 4 and would have been there had the war been longer. I want to be clear not to "mis-speak.") I salute the men and women who serve despite not even knowing why they are where they are other than they were ordered to go. As a former airman, I salute you. Let's get these men and women home for good! I welcome your commentary in the comment section of the blog.

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