Monday, May 24, 2010

What If We All Could Be Like Delsym Cough Suppressant?

A week or so ago I had a cough that just would not stop. Not one for taking medication, I tried to wait it out; however, it would not let me rest. I purchased Robitussin DM and thought that it would do the trick. Unfortunately, it did not. I went back out on my journey to find something that would stop this annoying cough and as my eyes scanned the shelves, I came across a product I had never tried before called Delsym. I figured I would give it a try, but what caught my eye and the reason for this edition of The Critical Thinker was a disclaimer on the box that read in bold letters “Contains No Fever Reducer or Pain Reliever.” It also said it was “12 Hour Cough Relief.” I decided to give Delsym a try.
While this is not an endorsement or an advertisement for Delsym, it is an endorsement for a product doing what it was designed to do. I say that because the disclaimer clearly lets the user know that the product was not designed to be a fever reducer or a pain reliever. It was designed to be a cough suppressant and a cough suppressant only. Lo and behold, the product performed wonderfully. It did what it was designed to do and that was to suppress my cough. It even suppressed it for the time frame outlined on the box.

So I am sure by now you are asking the question what does this have to do with anything? My answer to that is and our topic to critically think about is, what if we all did what we were designed to do? What if each one of us were like the Delsym cough suppressant and did what God designed us to do? Each of us have differing talents and gifts that we were designed to use. Some of us have multiple gifts and talents while others may only have one; either way usually the assignments of gifts and talents are given to support whatever it is you were designed to do on earth. Unfortunately, too many of us try to do what we were not designed to do causing a lot of frustration on everyone’s part. So when I saw the disclaimer that said “Contains No Fever Reducer or Pain Reliever,” it occurred to me that we ought to be so fortunate as to be like Delsym and effectively do what we are designed to do. We need to be clear with ourselves like Delsym what we will not do and cannot do and focus on the areas where we are gifted and talented. The good news is, all of us are gifted and talented in something. It may not be the same areas, however, we are all gifted and talented at something. So I end as I began with the question, what if we could all be like Delsym? Something to critically think about. As always, I welcome your comments.

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