Tuesday, March 26, 2013

When Are We Going To Learn That a Baby Is Not A Toy?

Via The Sun reports:
"ECCENTRIC Kanye West wants to call his baby by Kim Kardashian NORTH. The rapper, 35, came up with a list of potential names for the baby — due in July — but North is at the top because he thinks it sounds good with his last name."
Are we ever going to learn that a baby is not a toy? I mean North????  Really???? North West??? Something to critically think about. I welcome your comments in the commentary section of this blog. You are invited to follow The Critical Thinker on Twitter @thinkcritical01. 


Wallace Gaffney said...

I think we live in a society that teaches us that children are toys, forget the name North, think about the names you have heard for children in the last 10 years...We have come to the point that the name means nothing, which exposes the decay of the family. If children have no name to live up to they will not live well.

Marc A. Medley said...

The naming of a child is critical. When my children were in the womb, I spent all 9 months researching the meanings of each name and the flow between the first, middle and last names. We often live up to what we hear the most, which is our name.

I could not agree with you more concerning the decay of the family structure. It is as if we do not take the most important thing on the earth, which is the family seriously. All of this nonsense of naming children any old thing or something fancy without meaning with the hope of making the child something he or she cannot become due to poor or no support, is ridiculous.

Unfortunately our celebrities are no role models, yet too many people look up to them to be one. Even the consideration of a name like North is a case in point.

Thank you for your feedback as it was a superb comment.

Darrell M. said...

I have to agree. As a middle school principal, i have heard my fair share of crazy and insane names for kids. What is unfortunate is that this occurs more often in black communities. A name should be a representation of your family, not a mockery. It pains me to hear the names that celebrities give their children because the black community tries to follow suite. How about we, as a people, get back to strong family values and name our kids with dignity and pride.