Friday, August 29, 2008

Why Is The Process Only Questioned When Anyone Other Than a Caucasian Benefits?

I found it very interesting the other day when talk show host Mark Levin questioned the electoral process that would allow Barack Obama to get this far. I found it interesting because Barack Obama has followed the same electoral process that every other candidate has followed since its inception.

When I heard Mr. Levin's commentary questioning the electoral process, I had an immediate flashback to the O.J. Simpson trial when Mr. Simpson was found to be "not guilty," and the jury selection process was questioned. The funny thing about this questioning is that it never seems to occur until the process favors someone other than a Caucasian. Mr. Obama like Mr. Simpson followed the same rules as their Caucasian counterparts and advanced within the rules and when they did, the process was then questioned. It's funny how the process is never questioned when our Caucasian brothers and sisters are advancing. The same process that allowed George W. Bush to become president is the same process that has allowed Barak Obama to come has far as he has. The same process that allowed countless Caucasian men off the hook for murders that the jury knew the person had committed (particularly against an African Americans) is the same process that allowed O.J. Simpson to go free.

It seems that as long as the rules are benefiting Caucasians, the rules can remain the same, however, anytime the same rules begin to benefit others, than the rules have to be changed. I guess that's the great white American way.