Friday, August 26, 2011

Don't You Dare Treat My Rolls Royce Like A Tractor

I was in attendance at a wedding last Saturday and found the toast made by the father of the bride to be interesting enough to share in this blog post. There were multiple toasts given by many in the wedding party which included the bride’s father and now the groom’s new father-in-law. Everyone in  audience expected the usual pleasantries however that was not to be the case. The toast in and of itself was indeed pleasant but it contained volumes of wisdom. The proud father started his toast by saying “Let me tell you a story.” He pulled out a sheet of paper from his pocket and he began reading a story about the value of a Rolls Royce and the rights of the maker and owner of such a fine vehicle. He read the attributes of a Rolls Royce and the expectation of how a car such as this is to be treated. As the story unfolded, the owner purchased the Rolls Royce from the maker of the vehicle and in the beginning cherished the car. Washed, simonized and detailed the car. Only brought her out in the best weather as she was garage kept. Pampered the Rolls Royce. He went on to say that over time the owner for some reason  began using the Rolls Royce as a tractor. More and more using it to break ground, pull a plow and other tractor duties. The Rolls Royce lost its shine and glamour; the motor began to run loudly; the tires became muddied and worn. When the maker of the Rolls Royce heard of the manner in which the valuable automobile that he made was being treated, he immediately rescinded the rights to the car from the owner and took the car back, restored it to its natural origin and placed it in the showroom for all to see.

The father and now father-in-law went on to use this analogy to let everyone in attendance know that his daughter was the Rolls Royce of which he was speaking and if she is even thought to be treated like a tractor, he would be taking back the rights to his Rolls Royce. It was a kind way to put his new son-in-law on notice in front of many witnesses (the same witnesses that had just seen them joined together before God) that he had better treat his daughter right. As a father of now four girls, I was with “dad” one hundred percent and thought to myself more fathers need to make this toast at their daughter’s wedding. In other words what "pop" was saying in his little story was “You’re not going to mess over my daughter.” The guests were silently stunned but understood where the father and now father-in-law was coming from. That was his daughter and he was not going to let anyone damage or harm her, not even and in particular her husband. Now don’t get me wrong, the same holds true for the female as well. Neither party is to damage the other. Marriage is no joke and if you see one that looks easy, you can best believe there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes. The father and new father-in-law knew of what he was talking about as he has been married for forty nine years, the longest married couple in the building at the reception. Marriage is a beautiful thing, but it is work and everyone needs to understand that when it is undertaken. It’s one thing to spend all this money on that one “special day” and it’s another thing to make the marriage last.

It seems everywhere I look I see a blue $399 Divorce Center sign and that's not a good thing. As a divorcee I can speak first hand that divorce is not fun or a joke. It is painful and hurtful for all involved. People’s lives are impacted greatly as a result of divorce especially when children are involved, so please choose your mate wisely and whatever you do, do not begin treating your Rolls Royce like a tractor. More fathers need to make the toast this gentleman made and maybe the $399 Divorce Center would go out of business. Something to critically think about. As always I welcome your response in the comment section of the blog.

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Slippery Slope Continues to Get Slipperier And Slipperier

Well we have opened the door and now that it has been opened we will now have to deal with it being opened. When Sesame Street premiered on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) stations on November 10, 1969, I can assure you there was absolutely no thought of sexual orientation or even sex for that matter. These are puppets! Every time I think I have seen or heard the pinnacle of ridiculousness, I find myself having to stand myself corrected. Unfortunately there is no shock for me anymore, only sadness. The following link to an ABC News story about the sexual orientation of our beloved Ernie and Bert has reached my "pinnacle of ridiculousness" list. If you have not done so already, I encourage you to read the link in its entirety  People are actually signing petitions to have Ernie and Bert's sexual orientation declared. If that's not ridiculous I don't know what is. Can the similar wrath suffered by Sodom and Gommorah not be too far off?  The slippery slope is getting slipperier and slipperier.  I welcome your thoughts in the comment section of the blog.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It Doesn't Take Much For Us - Does It?

Would someone please help me understand how adding the word "certified" in front of the word "used" or in front of the even more fancier term "pre-owned" car  lends more credibility to it? Doesn't the fact that the car was "used" or was "pre-owned" automatically certify it as used? (I have a B.A. in marketing, I get the gimmick piece of it).  But seriously are we that gullible? Do we not think we can get a "lemon" because it was "certified?" The same holds true for "As Seen On TV."  Does the fact that the product was seen on TV make it that much more credible? I know this is useless chatter, but it is something to humorously think about (LOL). That's the fun of a Blog. One can be as serious or as silly as one chooses to be at any given moment.

Shame And Embarrassment Are Things Of The Past - There Is No Shame In Any Game Anymore

There was a time when you would have been ashamed or embarrased to leave the house looking like this. You certainly did not want your playmates or classmates to see you in torn and tattered clothing for fear of ridicule or being thought of as "poor."  There seems to be no such thing as "shame" in any game anymore. Yes I know it is now a "Fashion Statement," but critically think about what the "Statement" is saying. Just what does that statement reveal in terms of where our standards have gone?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Uckfay Ouyay - America's Declining Morals

As a radio talk show host, I listen intently to many radio talk shows. The other day I was listening to talk show host Laura Ingraham and I tuned in at the point where she was talking about how America seems to be on a downward trend. Normally Ms. Ingraham and her other conservative colleagues spend most of their air time lambasting President Obama (that’s another blog post), but during this particular segment I could not help but to agree with her commentary. She was speaking in terms of America’s morality particularly in music, television/movies/video, etc. and how we seem to be more and more willing to push the envelope. I had made these same observations some time ago and predict that at some point in the not so distant future we will have full frontal and rear nudity on regular television during the day before long. I make this prediction because like Laura Ingraham, I too believe we have gone down a slippery slope. Take a few minutes to critically listen to the lyrics in too many of our songs. Words such as “bitch,” “ho (whore),” “damn,” “hell,” and of course the more vulgar ones such as the “S” and “F” words are appearing more and more on the radio and are no longer bleeped out. On television and in film, less and less clothes are being worn and just about every conversation has a sexual overtone or double entendre in it. Even children’s cartoons such as the ironically oxymoronic titled “Family Guy” and “King of the Hill” have implied and blatant nudity and sexual content. Over the years we have continued to move the line in the sand further and further to the point where it is almost erased. For some reason we as a society seems to be fascinated with vulgarity and perversion to the point where we have accepted it as the “norm.”

While walking along Ocean Avenue in Miami Beach, Florida, I noticed how every souvenir /gift shop  proudly and prominently displayed in its windows T-shirts that boldly read “I’m in Miami Bitch.” No shame in that game whatsoever. As you entered the shops there were shirts with even more vulgar language written on them. Again, it was the norm. We truly have moved to an “almost anything goes” society where boundaries have been obliterated. The fact that children are exposed to this negativity and vulgarity is not even taken into consideration and then we wonder why we are getting what we are getting.

The song Laura Ingraham was speaking about was a cleaned up version of a song titled “Fuck You” by Cee-Lo Green. When criticism finally did come about, apparently the decision was made to substitute the word “Fuck” with “Forget” thereby now titling the song “Forget You.” While I do not often agree with Ms. Ingraham, I wholeheartedly agree with her on her views concerning the lyrics of the song and where America as a society is at the moment and is headed. I share her views on that issue. For illustrative purposes, take a look at the unedited/ raw version of the song “Fuck You ….now Forget You” below:
Fuck You (Lyrics)


I see you driving 'round town
With the girl I love and I’m like,
Fuck you!
Oo, oo, ooo

I guess the change in my pocket
Wasn't enough I’m like,
Fuck you!
And fuck her too!

I said, if I was richer, I’d still be with ya
Ha, now ain't that some shit? (ain't that some shit?)
And although there's pain in my chest
I still wish you the best with a...
Fuck you!
Oo, oo, ooo

Yeah I’m sorry, I can't afford a Ferrari,
But that don't mean I can't get you there.
I guess he's an Xbox and I’m more Atari,
But the way you play your game ain't fair.

I picture the fool that falls in love with you
(oh shit she's a gold digger)
(just thought you should know nigga)
I've got some news for you
Yeah go run and tell your little boyfriend

Now I know, that I had to borrow,
Beg and steal and lie and cheat.
Trying to keep ya, trying to please ya.
'Cause being in love with you ass ain't cheap.

I picture the fool that falls in love with you
(oh shit she's a gold digger)
(just thought you should know nigga)
I've got some news for you
I really hate yo ass right now

Now baby, baby, baby, why d'you wanna wanna hurt me so bad?
(so bad, so bad, so bad)
I tried to tell my mamma but she told me
"this is one for your dad"
(your dad, your dad, your dad)
Uh! Whhhy? Uh! Whhhy? Uh!
Whhhy lady? Oh! I love you oh!
I still love you. Oooh!

After reading these lyrics and knowing that there are many more songs out there that are similar to this one, I think you get the point of this post. My usual Critical Thinker disclaimer includes the fact that I am not looking for agreement with me from my readers, however, after reading the lyrics above, you can make your own assessment in terms of the direction we as a society are headed. For some you will say “What’s the big deal?” For others you will be as horrified as I am. Either way, I invite you to critically think and in this particular case act when possible to help turn our society around. As always I invite your commentary in the comment section of The Critical Thinker.

Monday, August 1, 2011

A Book Worth Reading - President Reagan: The Role Of A Lifetime by Lou Cannon

I am absolutely amazed how many political pundits reference the glory days of President Ronald Reagan. It is abundantly clear that they haven’t read or have chosen to ignore author Lou Cannon’s book PRESIDENT REAGAN THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME.  While President Reagan may have indeed been a nice elderly fellow, Mr. Cannon’s chronicle clearly indicates that Mr. Reagan was not the "leader" the pundits keep raving about. I keep hearing the pundits quoting and touting Mr. Reagan’s leadership compared with President Obama’s when Mr. Cannon's book contradicts these assertions.  Cannon also observes, in evaluating Reagan's term in office, that while he may not have been a great president...he was a great American who held a compelling vision of his country. I believe it is this vision of the country that is being fantasized about today compared with the reality that actualized. For a dose of reality, I highly recommend the book PRESIDENT REAGAN THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME by Lou Cannon particularly to Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh and the like. If they haven’t read it, maybe they ought to. I agree with the review by The New Yorker that sees the work as “A superlative study of a president and his presidency…. A triumphant portrait.” I welcome your commentary in the comment section below.