Friday, November 27, 2009

When is this madness going to end? How long can we keep hearing about Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt? Who cares? This critical thinker is advocating for a boycott of any magazine, newspaper or book that is sickeningly keeping ths saga going. It seems as if every time one walks into a convenience store, pharmacy or food store, it is the same old headline. How long can anyone care whether or not Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston reunite or not? Are we that weak minded a society? Critically think about that. Enough is enough of Brad and Jen.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

In All Seriousness; How Crazy Are You?

It makes you wonder just how crazy these "so called" crazy people are. The people I am referring to are these folks who seem be crazy at the time they are killing someone else, yet appear to become awfully sane when it is their own life that is on the line. I was perusing the news the other day and I came across a story about the D.C. sniper John Allen Muhammad, who galvanized the Washington/Maryland area for a period of time in 2002, killing people randomly at will; now he is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection on November 10 and his defense team is pleading that he had been diagnosed with severe mental illness, and struggled with severe psychiatric disorders. The critical thinker question of course in my mind is, if one is that mentally ill or suffering from that severe a psychiatric disorder, why didn’t he turn the gun on himself, opposed to killing 10 people who had absolutely nothing to do with him. More importantly, now that Mr. Muhammad is facing death, he seems to have sense enough to fight to stay alive.

Mr. Muhammad interestingly enough does not differ much from any of these “so called” crazy people who take the lives of others and then when it is determined that they must die for their crimes fight like hell to stay alive. The sad part of the story is the people who were killed did not get this same opportunity to fight to stay alive. They did not have someone pleading for them to be kept alive; they were just innocent victims of a random act of violence supposedly perpetrated by a “so called” crazy or mentally ill person. It’s amazing how these crazy people always have to take either someone else out or someone else along with them rather than just taking themselves out. The pattern seems to be that I am disgruntled or miserable therefore rather than just end my misery; I have to take the life or lives of people who have nothing to do with me or my misery.

I am not an advocate for the death penalty; however, I would have no problem with taking these folks to an island far far away and dropping them there with absolutely nothing other than a “fare thee well.” The remaining time they had on the earth would be left to God. Take a look at the recent mass shooting cases and note that it is rare the shooter takes him or her self out. They seem to be sane enough to keep themselves alive and will even fight to stay alive when the death penalty is levied. Their attorneys request stay after stay after stay. I don’t think the attorneys are doing this without some sort of guidance from their clients. Again, the question becomes, how crazy are they? (the clients....and maybe their lawyers too)

The most recent shooting took place at Ft. Hood, an army military base in Texas, where a soldier began blasting other soldiers away. While he was shot in the melee, it was not as if he turned his gun on himself and even if he did, why take the others out too? Again, if you are that miserable, why not rid the world of just you and let other people who have nothing to do with you alone?

So at this writing, this critical thinker must ask the question, how crazy can these individuals be when they can take the life of someone else and then fight like hell to save their own? That just doesn’t seem crazy to me; in fact it seems rather sane to want to live just as I am sure the victims of these “so called” crazy people wanted to live.