Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why Not Just Introduce a Bill To Have A Fine For Not Using Common Sense? “The Stupidity Bill”

Over and over again I keep hearing that government is too big and far too intrusive in the lives of Americans and yet I also keep hearing of these bills that being introduced that keep drilling down further and further into smaller and smaller issues in the lives of the infamous “American People.” (No one can say the words “American People” like a politician… just seems to take on a whole different tone when the words come out their mouths). Two recent examples include a bill in New York, that is pending in the legislature’s transportation committee that would ban the use of mobile phones, iPods or other electronic devices while crossing streets — runners and other exercisers included (Distracted Pedestrians) and in New Jersey, a bill that would require people to register their bicycles with the MVC or pay a fine of up to $100 with children younger than 15 relying on their parents or guardians to register the bike for them.

Now folks, come on…. Do we really need the government to govern issues that ought to be common sense? Regular every day, ordinary citizen and exerciser, Marie Wickham interviewed by The New York Times said in her interview that she would be opposed to any ban of such devices. “I think it’s an infringement on personal rights,” she said. “At some point, we need to take responsibility for our own stupidity.” I could not agree with Ms. Wickham more. When do individuals take responsibility for themselves? At what point do individuals learn that consequences come about because of decisions that are made whether they be stupid or intelligent. At what point do we indeed take responsibility for our own stupidity? One has to know that he/she cannot hear in a busy intersection if the volume of his/her device is too loud and if by chance he/she is hit and or killed then so be it. When these devices are worn at a low enough volume surely cars, trucks, buses and horns can be heard. So that begs the question, what volume is the user listening to where he or she cannot hear a car? If it is that loud then it is a stupid decision that could come with some deadly consequences. We don't need a law for that.

The bicycle bill is being introduced because a few kids made the bad decision to snatch purses while on a bicycle and the legislature is seeking a way for victims to identify the getaway bike. Again, I say come on on now……. Do you honestly think someone is going to get down the plate number on a moving bicycle? We barely get down the plate number on a moving automobile, let alone a moving bicycle. Again, personal responsibility and parental guidance and training must come into play. Now everyone would have to pay a $10 fee to the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to register a bicycle. The DMV has enough on their hands just to get our cars registered.

So since we are introducing bills, why not just do one overall bill that will fine people for not using common sense, the sense that doesn’t seem to be too common. Have you ever heard of some of these criminal stories where the judge ought to have thrown the criminal in jail for stupidity? Not for his/her crime, but just merely on the count of stupidity.  Why not introduce a bill that would fine folks for stupidity? The “Stupidity Bill.” That can be a catch all instead of all of these seemingly stupid bills that continue to infringe deeper and deeper upon the personal lives of the “American People.” Something to critically think about and as always I welcome your thoughts in the comment section of this blog.